St Gabriel's Parish Hall

St Gabriel's Parish Hall on Park Road is a well-used resource for the local community and church.  On weekdays in the morning there is the Wanstead Park Playgroup.  During the afternoons various activities, such as the Pram Club, Knit and Natter, Yoga, Zumba and Dance Classes take place.  Various uniformed groups, from Beavers to Scouts occupy the space on most weekday evenings along with Karate, Badminton and Pilates.

With all of this activity during term time the hall is not normally available for bookings during the week.  We can accomodate events on Saturdays and Sundays which meet our requirements for being appropriate for a residential area and which adhere to timings and guidelines that we set.

The hall may also be available for special events during school holidays.

To inquire about the possibility of booking the hall please call Dawn Thomas on 07951 544781. 


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