Our Aims

Our aim when creating this site was to make it accessible to people regardless of their ability or the equipment used. We have implemented various features that help meet this aim, but due to our limited resources we have been unable to fully meet the various accessibility guidlines and standards that exist. Please feel free to send us any comments, queries or suggestions by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by any of the other ways of reaching us  that are listed on our Contact Us page.

Useful Features

We have incorporated the following features which you might find useful:

  • Skip links are provided at the start of each page, these are accessed via the Tab key and allow direct navigation to the main content of the page using just the keyboard.
  • A sitemap is provided to allow easy navigation to the different areas of the site. Tip: The easiest way to access this via the keyboard is Shift-Tab (i.e Back Tab) followed by Enter, which will bring up the sitemap page, folowed by the use of the Tab and Enter keys to invoke the Skip to Content skip link.
  • The page layout adjusts to the width of your screen to minimise the need for excessive horizontal scrolling when the site is viewed on devices with narrow screens.
  • Links to increase or decrease the font size are provided to supplement the controls offered by most modern browsers.
  •  A Site Search facility is provided

Known Problems

The Skip to Content skip link does not work on the search results page.


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