Planning your wedding can be a stressful, but joyful experience!  There is a lot to be arranged, not least the service and the reception.  A number of people have discovered that St Gabriel's can take a lot of the stress out of the planning by combining those two important aspects in one convenient location.  But, whether you wish to have your wedding and reception here, or just your wedding we trust that you will find us happy to accommodate you if we can.

Do please be in touch as far in advance as possible to make sure that the church and/or hall is available at the time you require it.  We are glad to also provide wedding preparation sessions, which couples have found invaluable in helping them to reflect on the marriage relationship they are preparing to enter.

Costs of marriage at St Gabriel's:

Required preliminaries to marriage: Reading of Banns of Marriage £27.00 or, if applicable Common Licence £165.00. Certificate of banns issued at time of publication £13.00.

Marriage service £415.00. Marriage Certificate - certified copy of entry in marraige register at time of registration £4.00; subsequently £10.00. Please note that the marriage service fee is statutory and St Gabriel's is unable to set fees locally.

Verger fee £30

If you wish to have the following provision it is charged accordingly:

Organist fee £90

Flowers £150 (you can arrange your own flowers if you wish)

Reception Venue - please call Dawn on 07951 544781 to discuss requirements.

Who can marry here?

The Law requires that to qualify for a wedding at St Gabriel's you need to either live in the parish, become a member of this church by regular attendance over a period of six months, or have a special connection to our parish.  To see the qualifying connection read below:

A person has a qualifying connection with a parish in which the marriage is to be solemnized if—

(a)that person was baptised in that parish (unless the baptism took place in a combined rite which included baptism and confirmation) or is a person whose confirmation has been entered in the register book of confirmation for any church or chapel in that parish;

(b)that person has at any time had his or her usual place of residence in that parish for a period of not less than six months;

(c)that person has at any time habitually attended public worship in that parish for a period of not less than six months;

(d)a parent of that person has during the lifetime of that person had his or her usual place of residence in that parish for a period of not less than six months or habitually attended public worship in that parish for that period; or

(e)a parent or grandparent of that person has been married in that parish.

St Gabriel's is also happy to conduct a service of blessing for a marriage which took place in a register office or abroad.  The costs and arrangements are slightly different and there are fewer legal restrictions, please call to discuss.

(page updated April 2016) 

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