We are always pleased to welcome children of any age or adults for baptism, which is the way that we enter fully into the life of the church.  Baptism will normally take place in the main service at 10.00am as this is where the church community gathers for worship and is the most appropriate place to welcome new members.

If you live in St Gabriel's Parish you are able to request a baptism date and we will be pleased to work with you to help to prepare for this special day in the life of your child or you yourself.  There will be an opportunity to learn more about what baptism means and a rehearsal to take you through the service.  We strongly encourage you to attend church in the lead-up to the baptism service to be familiar with the surroundings, get to know the church community and as part of the ongoing commitment to being part of church life here at St Gabriel's.  You will be warmly welcomed!

If you live outside St Gabriel's Parish (please ask if you are unsure of the boundary) you will need to attend worship regularly to establish yourself as part of the church community before a baptism date can be arranged.  We trust that this will be something you will in any case find valuable (and enjoyable) as part of preparing for the commitment of baptism.  While we never discourage people from joining us, you may also consider enquiring at your local parish church, which may be closer to your home and easier to maintain a link with after baptism.

The first thing to do if you are interested in exploring this further is to call St Gabriels on 020 8989 0315, or come along on a Sunday morning and we'll be pleased talk with you further.


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