Planning your wedding can be a stressful, but joyful experience!  There is a lot to be arranged, not least the service and the reception.  A number of people have discovered that St Gabriel's can take a lot of the stress out of the planning by combining those two important aspects in one convenient location.  But, whether you wish to have your wedding and reception here, or just your wedding we trust that you will find us happy to accommodate you if we can.



We are always pleased to welcome children of any age or adults for baptism, which is the way that we enter fully into the life of the church.  Baptism will normally take place in the main service at 10.00am as this is where the church community gathers for worship and is the most appropriate place to welcome new members.



As with all parish churches we take very seriously our commitment to provide a Christian funeral service to all those who live within the parish of Aldersbrook.  This is normally arranged through your chosen funeral director, but if you wish you are welcome to contact us direct to discuss your needs.

Occasionally, we will also provide services in church, or a priest will conduct a service in the crematorium for those who lived further afield but who particularly request St Gabriel's.  We are always glad to help when we can.

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