Worship at St Gabriel's

St Gabriel's is first and foremost a parish church which exists to serve and pray for the community in which it has been set, it is an important part of that community and much appreciated even by those who do not regularly attend. The vast majority of people who worship at St Gabriel's live within the parish though many come from beyond our parish boundaries. As the Church of England parish church of Aldersbrook we are proud of our Anglican heritage and the tradition we represent.


Our Mission Statement

We believe we are here to share God's love and grace, and challenge injustice both in our own community and throughout the whole world.

We see all people as created in the image and likeness of God and therefore precious.

We understand that in learning more about one another we learn more about God, seeking always to love and not to judge. 


A Brief History of St. Gabriel's Church, Aldersbrook

The parish of Aldersbrook came into existence on 16 October 1903 when the Bishop of Barking dedicated a new mission church to serve the new housing estate being built on a triangle of land in what was known, (to the developers anyway), as the Lower Forest area of Wanstead. To the locals it was known as the hamlet of Aldersbrook, named after a brook which still runs in various culverts under the houses and occasionally makes its presence known in their cellars.


The William Hill Organ at St Gabriel's Church, Aldersbrook, a Brief History

The present church in Aldersbrook, dedicated to St Gabriel the Archangel, was completed in 1914 replacing an original 'tin mission church' of 1903 which then served as a parish hall for many years. The new church was designed, built and equipped to the very highest specification but it would seem that the money ran out before an organ was commissioned.


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